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what kinda adopts are u guys looking for? more doges or humans? cats?? what themes?? 
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i've got a ton of final exams this week so i might not be able to reply to you guys!! / u \
i wanna know what kinda adopts of mine you guys like most !!
; u ;
i really want to make paypal an option for my adoptables, but idk how to set one up > n <
i mean i have an account and a debit card on there, but can someone help me out with getting it started???
like how do you use it omg
updated as of 5/16/15
these are the guidelines for any of my closed species
these rules are subject to change

✘ make your own
✘ make major changes
✘ resell them for more than you bought
✘ make your own rules

adopt one from me !!
  make minor changes to your lavacat.
( this means personality, story, gender, accessories, etc. ask me if you want !! )
  gift them/trade them

★ credit me, strasberrie, every time you upload art !!
★ eat your veggies, dude.
i wish people would use their eyeballs and read
i don't want you guys donating to my donation pool please !! i say it on every adoptable and on my donation box aghh
> ~ < 
its already happened twice bleh

its like when you put a "please reply to this comment, don't make a new one !!" on your profile but someone comments anyway except you can't delete it afterwardsss
everyone uses stash and like???
i've never once touched it agh 
I'm going to the Earth Day festival in Dallas so I won't be able to reply for most of the day! u v u
when you have so many ideas but u can't draw dogs well 
or cats
or sheep

LAVACATS: glubbies !! by strasberrie
are lavacats a good idea?? would anyone even wanna adopt a cat lavalamp????
how do you make a good species ????? / o \

updated as of 6/1/15

1.) please credit me, hotfrosting/strasberrie every time you upload art of your new character.
please don't say you came up with it yourself !! )
2.) you can make small changes, but nothing major.
ex: name, age, gender, height, accessories. note me if you want !! )
3.) you cannot resell the character without my permission.
4.) ^ if i give you the ok, DO NOT SELL IT FOR MORE THAN YOU BOUGHT TO FOR.
( when you try to resell it, DO NOT USE THE PICTURE I GAVE YOU. you must draw it yourself now !! )
5.) you can gift it to a good friend or loved one, if you'd like.
but ask & please make sure they read these rules first !! )
( if you'd like, i can give you an unwatermarked ver, but you CANNOT repost/reupload it on DA or any other website !! )
7.) no refunds. 

8.) if the adopt comes with an icon, YOU MUST give VISIBLE CREDIT on your page for as long as you use it!!